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Sasquatch University is a TV show in its second season on the Wild TV Network which dives into the phenomenon of Bigfoot in Canada. Host Ryan Willis & Joel Porter, with their team explore different locations that have had sightings of Bigfoot. Using eyewitness reports, hunting techniques and innovative high and low tech experiments they set out to prove the existence of the legendary creature known as Bigfoot.

Sasquatch University is a research team founded by Ryan Willis and the executive members of the Trent University Sasquatch Society.

"Our goal is to educate the public about Sasquatch/Bigfoot and to spread discussion about Sasquatch in the academic setting. It is a very under-researched field, considering the amount of sightings and evidence. We want to inspire University students to create their own organizations. As well as prove the existence of the creature known as Bigfoot.


Where to watch Sasquatch University

Sasquatch University has been renewed for Season 2 and will be airing in September 2024. Fans of Sasquatch University can watch Season 1 anytime on & 

The Sasquatch University Team is very excited to be working with Wild TV to bring fun and exciting Canadian content to Sasquatch fans all around the world. 



"It goes by many names: yeti, sasquatch and, of course, Bigfoot. While some believe it’s a mythical beast reserved for storybooks and the silver screen, other think the primate-like species is the real deal.

Enter Ryan Willis, founder of the Trent University Sasquatch Society, a club that is now about 150 members strong, based in Peterborough, Ont.

“We are looking for Bigfoot,” said Willis. “Growing up I would watch shows like Finding Bigfoot and it was always such an interesting subject for me.”... Read the full article!


"Sasquatch Society?

Sounds like a good name for a college beer-pong team.

The Trent University Sasquatch Society, however, is a scientific group that takes the search for Bigfoot very seriously.

“Are we just kids drinking in the woods? We get that a lot,” says Sasquatch Society founder and President, Ryan Willis.

“But we do a lot of research.”

Willis put the organization together when he was a first-year student. The Trent University Sasquatch Society became an official club at the school last fall, as Willis’ fourth year began.

It’s a hugely popular club with about 150 members.


“All our meetings are very serious,” Willis said in a recent interview.


“Our goals are to research and to look, but Peterborough’s not the best place to be looking. Our focus is to educate. We bring in experts each weekend”... Read the full article!



"The society, now about a year old, is devoted to searching for signs of the mythic beast. Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot, has long been mentioned in Indigenous oral history. It's often depicted as a giant, hairy apelike mammal, walking upright in forests primarily in the Pacific Northwest, but discounted by scientists.

Society members go out on explorations, trudging through the woods to follow up on tips they get. There's a learning component too, meeting online for weekly Q&As with sasquatch researchers and enthusiasts like the cast of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot series"... Read the full article!


Sasquatch. Yeti. Bigfoot.

The elusive beast, shrouded in mystery and dismissed with skepticism, takes on many names — and just as many divisive viewpoints.

Does the anti-social creature really exist, hiding away in dense woodlands away from humans’ prying eyes, or is it simply a years-old make-believe animal borne out of folklore?

For Ryan Willis, a fourth-year cultural studies student at Trent University, the Sasquatch is very much real — and he’s setting out to prove it.

Willis is the president and founder of the Trent University Sasquatch Society, a group of 136 Trent students and Bigfoot enthusiasts bent on tracking down the yeti once and for all"... Read the full article!

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"The folklore around the mythical hairy creature thought to be living in the woods is getting a new chapter with a new TV series investigating reported Bigfoot sightings in central Ontario.

Sasquatch University, a new reality TV show investigating Bigfoot sightings, is set to premiere on Wild TV on Monday.

The show, started by Trent University Sasquatch Society founder Ryan Willis, 23, explores alleged Bigfoot sightings in the Simcoe County, Sudbury and Algonquin areas and other parts of the province"... Read the full article!


By Sawyer Bogdan  Global News Posted September 25, 2023 9:35 am


"A group of students from Trent University's Sasquatch Society have been spending time on the outskirts of Barrie lately, claiming they've gotten numerous reports of the unconfirmed creatures lurking in Simcoe County.

"A lot of them interestingly are highway crossings, typically at night," said Ryan Willis, one of the group's members. "So what that means is someone is just driving along, and then a Big Foot runs across the road in front of them or sometimes behind in some of the ones we got and things like that, and there's other ones out in the woods, it kind of varies a bit."

Reports of the elusive ape-like creatures go back decades, with perhaps the most famous sighting coming from the 1967 Patterson Gimlin film"... Read the full article!

Dana Roberts Barrie Anchor

Published April 25, 2023 6:30 p.m. EDT

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"But the Bigfoot faithful are not easily deterred. “I fully believe that they’re there,” said Ryan Willis, 23, who founded the Trent University Sasquatch Society and is the host of “Sasquatch University,” a reality show on the Wild network that covers Bigfoot sightings in Ontario. “But I do leave a bit of room for skepticism.”

Mr. Willis said people had sent him video footage, hair samples and more. In some cases, he said, people have told him they have fecal evidence. But, he said, “Nobody has sent us Bigfoot poop in the mail or anything.”

Even Bigfoot believers disagree over what the video shared by Mr. Parker shows"... Read the full article! 

By Claire Moses

Oct. 18, 2023

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Students at Trent University are determined to track down Bigfoot once and for all! Watch full clip here!

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"Ryan Willis is a bigfoot researcher and founder of the Trent University Sasquatch Society. He is also the host/producer of a new television show called Sasquatch University on the Wild TV channel"... Watch full clip here!

September 12, 2023

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It's Tuesday and you know what that means! On today's episode I welcome Ryan Willis from the Trent University Sasquatch Society, a university group dedicated to the research and education of sasquatch. Ryan shares with us what had him interested enough to start a club, their membership and what their goals would be moving forward". Check it out!

Tuesday May 10, 2022


"Bigfoot has a place to call home at Trent University.  Ryan Willis takes a break from his studies to talk with us about the Trent University Sasquatch Society.  An officially recognized university club he founded in Canada working to shed some serious light on the Bigfoot Phenomena. They are making an impact and have gained the attention of prominent figures such as Cliff Barackman and Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum.  Who's up for a new college major?  Bigfoot Studies perhaps?" Check it out!

Tuesday May 3, 2022

Members of the Trent Sasquatch Society talk all things Bigfoot with Curt on his podcast "Paranormal Almanac: The Dodleston Messages" Check it out!

Friday April 22, 2022


Episode #267 | Bryce, Michael and Riley speak to a new generation of Bigfoot Hunters as Ryan Willis and Joel Porter of The Trent University Sasquatch Society discuss Bigfoot activity in Ontario and their new show, "Sasquatch University!” Check it out!

There's something lurking in the remote areas of Canada, and a group of students intend on finding it. Ryan Willis of the Trent University Sasquatch Society joins me to answer some of my questions about the amazing bigfoot group he has started at his school, and what led him down the path of trying to solve the bigfoot mystery. Check out what the group is doing at​ Check it out!


Remember Ryan Willis? He joined Inside the Village last year to talk about his pet project: the Trent University Sasquatch Society, whose members spend their spare time searching for Bigfoot. Ryan is back on the podcast — with some big news. No, he hasn’t found Sasquatch yet, but he’s definitely found something. Tune in to find out what. Also on the podcast: some big wins for Village Media’s talented team of journalists. Check it out!



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